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Air Heater How To Save Energy Oct 15, 2016

In recent years, with large units in power plant desulphurization project needs, air power added along with electric heaters, some of them over more than 400KW. Energy consuming, high running costs, from the following thoughts, try to decrease power.

(1) reasonable portrayal of air flow and temperature rise. Air electric heater power is based on air flow and temperature-rise calculation concludes that, under the premise of airflow, temperature requirements have been met, should not use too much air flow, excessive temperature rise due to too much air flow, temperature, directly causing the heater power is too high, add energy consumption. Too much air flow, temperature is not necessary. Inductive thinking, rational description, determine appropriate parameters.

(2) air heater looks, insulation layer should be added. Most power plants (operator) when using air heater, electric heater outlet pipe insulation only, while the heater itself looks without any thermal disposal. Data showed that adding insulation can cut energy consumption electric heater appearance 5%~10%, running for a long time, saving energy consumption of right and wrong are often considerable, power plant (owners) should be in the pipeline to install insulation, insulation layer of air heater installed.

(3) the decreased air pressure loss of the heater itself. Demand heated air, flows through the air heater when pressure loss occurs. Pressure loss is greater, greater fan energy consumption from the air heater improved their layout, innovation, and the minimum pressure loss.