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Application Of Electrical Heaters In Industrial Field Oct 15, 2016

According to a survey revealed, electric heater in the industry more and more widely used in the field, such as petroleum, machinery, chemicals, printing and dyeing, ships, electric power and other occupations in an energy efficient heating equipment, temperature, viscosity, which replaces the traditional fuel, coal-fired, steam heating methods. And the electric heater has been widely used in the industry. Its heating elements is the alloy of choice, resistance of the thermal strain characteristic in itself so that it can be adjusted heating power, according to the technology described dynamic heating power of temperature adjustment, to warm up after equipment and piping of catalyst media and progress of catalyst activity, can produce more types of goods, advance economic benefits. However this type of electric heater in the application process will present different problems, so to disposal problems in a timely manner to make its normal operation, you must be skilled in this type of electric heater operation principles.

Electric heating elements for the triangle junction, at the heater outlet equipped with temperature sensors, thermocouples for measuring temperature components, temperatures of up to 800 degrees. Technical adjustment of heating power is after surge module, bi-directional thyristor conduction angle control to the size of the complete output voltage regulator module and then changed the heater power. Technical requirements when he launched the heater, first open the power switch, and ensure that the stop is closed, on the premise of no fault alarm, press the Start button contactor closing, pressure regulating module for live at the top of. Media temperature detection equipment can detection to equipment in media temperature, in by media temperature variable sent device will temperature signal change for current signal sent to urgent stopped often closed points, and technology set of fundamental heating temperature signal compared more Hou, will control signal sent to adjustable pressure module of computer intelligent control device Shang, control two-way SCR guide pass angle, to conditioning module have output voltage then changes heater have power, arrived control media temperature of intent.