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Quality Of Heating Pipe Oct 15, 2016

Primary heating pipe to their quality depends on the following 6 Essentials: dielectric strength, insulation, leakage current, power, accuracy and life span, corrosion resistance, scales, and so on.

1, electrical strength: the electric heat element first contains electrical strength of insulating layer of thickness, quality of insulation material, electric heating tube length, winding RADIUS and the number of twists and turns. KAWAI on the cold pressure of the heating pipe can usually be 2000V,1 second, the breakdown current 0.5mA.

2, insulation: influence of heat-insulated heating pipe sealing technology is the first. KAWAI can usually do more than 1000 megohms.

3, leakage current: primary and when electric heating tube temperature, using voltage of electric heating pipe, heating pipe of the heating length, and so on. An important check on the high temperature electric heating tube targets.

4, power accuracy: first quality, with resistance wire factory skills. KAWAI temperature coefficient experiment needs to be done before mass production to determine the qualified power size of cold resistance.

5, life span: heating pipe quality of life except with resistance wires outside, but also with the quality of magnesium oxide powder, related to factors such as resistance wire diameter selection. High temperature electric heating tubes, KAWAI made appearances load heating pipe below the 8W/CM2. In the selection of resistance wire diameter, outer load resistance wire to reach the stature of required accounting needs.

6, corrosion resistance is water thermoelectric heat pipes and electric heating tube roast often face questions. In addition to the reasonable selection of information, but also with the heating pipe heat treatment, the apparent condition of the heating pipe, and so on.