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Quarter Flat Infrared Ceramic Heater Mar 13, 2019

Iron chrome aluminum resistance wire

Heater voltage: 230 volts

(other voltage values are available upon request)

Heater wavelength range: 2-10 microns

The average operating life can be up to 20,000 hours depending on the operating conditions.

Has passed UL certification

It is recommended that the radiation distance from the heater be 100mm to 200mm

Provide 100mm ± 10mm ceramic beads wire

We produce and supply a variety of ceramic heaters, which are widely used in pets, chemical fiber, engineering plastics, plastic machinery, electronics, medicine, food and other fields. Our professional services such as pipe heating have also been recognized by some brand partners in Europe and the United States. For example: zoom, giant light, exo terra, luck reptiles, hobbies, etc. If you have this convenient need, please contact us.