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Which Cost Is High For The Extruder And The Injection Molding Machine, And Which One Is The Same? Jan 18, 2019

Which cost is high for the extruder and the injection molding machine, and which one is the same?

There is no comparability, your question is like asking. The frying spoon and the steamer in the kitchen are of the same cost and are completely different things.

The extruder is used to make masterbatch, such as single screw, twin screw extruder, and the like.

The injection molding machine melts the plastic masterbatch and then manufactures the product with the mold.

Simply speaking, the cost of the injection molding machine is high. The specific cost is closely related to the production capacity of the machine and the raw materials used.

The mold of the extruder is very simple. The mold of the injection molding machine varies according to the product.

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