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Why Do Snakes Hibernate? Sep 29, 2018

In the classification of vertebrate animals, snakes are relatively low-lying terrestrial animals. Their structure and function are primitive, and blood and skin have no heat preservation function. When the ambient temperature is lowered, the body temperature is also reduced, the body temperature is lowered, the activity of the enzyme in the body is decreased, and the biochemical reaction rate is significantly slower. The sensitivity of the snake to the external reaction is reduced. When the reaction capacity is reduced to a certain extent, the snake can not move normally and enter the paralyzed state; when the temperature continues to decrease, the snake will freeze to death. In order to adapt to the natural environment, when the temperature of the snake is lowered in the natural environment, it is looking for dry, sunny caves, tree holes or rock gaps for hibernation, so hibernation is a way for snakes to pass the cold.